Implement your own Clojure Atoms

February 20, 2022

Let’s implement our own Clojure atoms for fun and educational purpose. Do not use it for your actual application =).

Figure 1. Enhance
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Advanced Features of Clojure Atoms

December 19, 2021

Most Clojure apps use atoms for managing state, changing state with the swap! or reset! functions:

Basic Atom Operations:
(def inventory (atom {:cheese 1 :bread 2}))
; Use swap! to update the atom with a function. In this example:
; Use the 'assoc' function to update the atom. The extra parameters are forwarded to 'assoc'
(swap! inventory assoc :cheese 3)
=> {:cheese 3, :bread 2}

; deref returns the current state. The @ prefix is 'syntactic' sugar to do the same
(str "use deref " (deref inventory) " or @ " @inventory " to get the value of the atom")
=> "use deref {:cheese 3, :bread 2} or @ {:cheese 3, :bread 2} to get the value of the atom"

; Use 'reset!' to reset the state to a specific value.
(reset! inventory {:cheese 0 :bread 0})
=> {:cheese 0, :bread 0}

In my Java/C# mind, an atom is an AtomicReference / Interlocked.CompareExchange. However, atoms do have more high-level features. Let’s take a look.

Clojure’s Atoms are fancier
Figure 1. Atom Models ;)
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Automated Tests Advice, C# Edition

December 13, 2021

This post is part of C# Advent Calendar 2021.

I do like writing automated tests, for two reasons. First, it gives me a fast feedback loop. Testing on the fully running app is usually time-consuming compared to running a test. Second, over time it gives some confidence that changes in the code didn’t break your application in unexpected ways.

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Basic Process information via /proc

July 18, 2021

When you need information about a process in Linux, there are tons of command lines tools, like ps, htop, lsof etc. I often do not remember the flags to get the information I want. Luckily, Linux has the /proc file system which gives details on every process. Most Unix-like operation systems have it, but the formats differ. I only take a look at the Linux version here.

proc fs knows tons about running processes
Figure 1. proc fs knows tons about running processes
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Tests Not Running: JUnit 5, Maven and Spring Boot Magic

June 13, 2021

I recently worked on an existing Spring Boot based codebase. Everything looked fine and kept adding new features and improving the codebase. I wrote my tests and run the test suite in my IDE. My changes got into production and everything looked fine.

A few weeks later I took a look at the Continues Integration Servers logs of that project and noticed that the tests are not running. That is no good. My local setup is not a reliable environment, for example, I can forget to check in a file into version control. And I usually run a reduced set of tests and rely on the CI system to run the whole tests suite.

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