Java, Let me use the damn FileDescriptor!

October 15, 2019

Recently I hacked on some utility in Java which should be able to bind low ports like 80 or 443 on demand without running as root. When I needed to bind these port I wanted to execute an external process as root which opens the ports for the main process and then sends the ports via Unix domain socket.

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Intro to MVStore, an embedded key value store

September 25, 2019

MVStore is the backend storage for the popular embedded H2 relational database. If you don’t need a relational database, but a lower level storage MVStore is maybe an option. The MVStore has a good nice range of features. The documentation isn’t as detailed, but the intro documentation gives a decent overview. Anyway, this post is another small intro.

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Missing SNI with Java's HTTPS client

September 6, 2019

Recently I got strange exceptions connection to HTTPS while developing a Java app. The app connected to my local machine using it’s host name with the Apache HTTP client:

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Good Bye

September 4, 2019

I left my work at this month, taking a break before looking for a new opportunity. Some reflection of over 6 years working there.

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Korean Hangul Stopped Working After IBus Update to 1.5.18? A Work Around

May 6, 2018

When I’m using Linux I use IBus to write Korean. A few days ago when I updated my Manjaro installation writing Korean stopped working. After booting everything looked fine. The IBus tray icon was there, switching languages with Win+Space seemed to work.

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