Need a CDN? Try out

October 6, 2017

Do you need a CDN for your website? Maybe you want to try The basic subscription is free!

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CDN 필요하면 사용해보세요

October 5, 2017

콘텐츠 전송 네트워크 (CDN) 필요할까요? 아마 사용해보세요. 기본 구독이 무료예요!

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Adding Timestamp to Logs

September 27, 2017

How many small script or process do you have which just log to stdout/stderr? A few, dozens? Their running as cronjobs or service? Stashing the logs somewhere, like:

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Java’s Enum.values() Hidden Allocations

August 31, 2017

I recently profiled an app of mine. During profiling, I’ve noticed tons of array allocations. Something like:

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Deploying JVM in tiny containers, be careful!

April 25, 2017

I`ve deployed my service into the smallest possible 2017-04-25-jvm-in-containers[Triton] container. Except me, noone is going to use it anyway -. This container has 128Mbyte of memory, and 1/16th CPU time. The OpenJDK JVM is known for consuming tons of memory. And it is somewhat true. However, the JVM also runs in a small container. In this blog post I give some recommendations. The problems exists in small Docker and Triton containers. I show everything for both.

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