October 6, 2017

Need a CDN? Try out edgemesh.com

Do you need a CDN for your website? Maybe you want to try edgemesh.com. The basic subscription is free!


First sign up on https://edgemesh.com. Then embed this script into your website:

    onload="window.edgemesh = new Edgemesh()">

Done. Really!

So, how does Edgemesh work?

A normal CDN has tons of servers all over the world. Those server caches your images, CSS and Javascript. So, visitors can download your content quickly from a close CDN server. However, if there is no CDN server in your visitors area, they won`t benefit from quick downloads. And CDN servers are not free!

Classic CDN
Figure 1. Classic CD

Edgemesh works differently. Nowadays our phones and computers are really fast. Our web browsers are powerful. Browsers have an IndexeDB database and can do P2P networking with WebRTC. This is what Edgemesh uses. When visitors visit a website, Edgemesh stores some content in their browser. When another nearby visitor needs the same content, they download it from other visitor`s browsers. Therefore, if you have many visitors, they can fetch the content quickly from each other.

Figure 2. Edgemesh

However, we can not trust the visitor`s internet connection. Maybe it is very slow, maybe it is suddenly interrupted. So, Edgemesh prefetches some content and falls back to regular downloads if it is to slow. Also, you can add Edgemesh ‘supernodes’, which act a bit like a regular CDN servers. Furthermore, you can combine Edgemesh with a traditional CDN.

Does it work?

Yes. This blog has close to no visitors, yet Edgemesh manages to store and distribute some content:

This sites Edgemesh network
Figure 3. This sites Edgemesh network:

Just try it out on your site. =)

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