Missing SNI with Java's HTTPS client

September 6, 2019

Recently I got strange exceptions connection to HTTPS while developing a Java app. The app connected to my local machine using it’s host name with the Apache HTTP client:

CloseableHttpClient client = HttpClientBuilder.create().build();
String url = "https://gamlor-turboro/files/info.txt";
try (CloseableHttpResponse result = client.execute(new HttpGet(url))){
    String body = EntityUtils.toString(result.getEntity());
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Good Bye Turbo.net

September 4, 2019

I left my work at https://turbo.net this month, taking a break before looking for a new opportunity. Some reflection of over 6 years working there.

Turbo-lent Years: Heavy Evolution of the Product

When I joined Turbo.net it was known as Spoon.net. It could launch sandboxed Windows apps and provided a Dropbox liked sync service. During my time we introduced Turbo.net application containers. Think of Docker containers for Windows desktop apps.

After the Desktop containers system was running, we started to implement cloud remote applications. That allows you to launch Windows apps on your iPad, Mac, Windows and any HTML5 capable browser. Turbo.net provisions and manages Windows machines for you to run the apps on and uses the app containers to move apps onto the blank Windows machines. Your organization doesn’t need to manage Windows machines. You launch the app and use it.

Turbo.net History
Figure 1. Turbo.net History
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Korean Hangul Stopped Working After IBus Update to 1.5.18? A Work Around

May 6, 2018

When I’m using Linux I use IBus to write Korean. A few days ago when I updated my Manjaro installation writing Korean stopped working. After booting everything looked fine. The IBus tray icon was there, switching languages with Win+Space seemed to work.

Tray icon looks OK:

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IBus 1.5.18 업데이트 후에는 한글 멈췄어요? 임시 해결이 있어요

May 5, 2018

저는 Linux 사용하면 한글 쓰기 위해 IBus 사용해요. 몇일 전에 Manjaro Linux 업데이트했어요. 이 업데이트 호에 한글 쓰는데 갑자기 멈췄어요. 부팅후에 다 괜찮게 보였어요. IBus의 아이콘 보이고, Win-Space 키보드 키로 언어 바꿀 수 있고 다 괜찮은 것 같았어요.


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Async Database Connector for Java (ADBCJ) on JCenter

October 24, 2017

Due to lack of time and interest, ADBCJ is in ‘maintenance’ mode. However, I still improve it from time to time =).

ADBCJ will be fine ^.^
Figure 1. ADBCJ will be fine .
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